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Air Res Aviation – Learn to Fly

For those of you who believe, like us, that learning to fly is more than just passing a few tests, will feel right at home at Air Res Aviation. At our professionally equipped facility, our fully qualified instructors will take you under their wing offering you their full support. A pilot’s course gives you the chance to achieve full independence in the air. Obtaining your pilot’s license means that you are able to operate an aircraft responsibly and independently.

PPL(A) course, theoretical as well as practical, are held on the premesis of a controlled airport. This allows our students to gain hands on experience in a Class C Airspace. At our flight school, you will get the opportunity to obtain your PPL as well as get the chance to expand your knowledge, make your dreams come true and soar over any restrictions. Air Res Aviation is a place for people who are not afraid of challenges.

Training Courses

During the courses you will have access to all necessary materials along with the instructors full support. Our instructors are open and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the course. Depending on the type of license, the number of hours spent on theoretical training as well as practical training, will vary. A huge asset is that we cater to the needs of our students. Individual classes are available. What is great about our practical training is that take-off, flight and landing all take place in a controlled aerodrome. Therefore, our students will not encounter any difficulties in the future, when having to land at other controlled airports.
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With our experience, knowledge, and passion for aviation as well as an adequately equipped facility allow us to carry out maintenance inspections as well as perform minor and major repairs, at the highest level. Not only do we carry out aircraft maintenance inspections and repairs, we also service historic aircrafts, restoring their historic appearance.
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Custom Built Aircrafts

Taking into account the needs of our individual customers, we are able to prepare custom built aircrafts. You get to choose the scheme, paint system, engine and many other exterior and interior finishing details
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